Apollo, a 13 year old Shepherd mix, enjoys the one-on-one grooming. It allows him to get back to his couch as soon as possible.

Apollo, a 13 year old Shepherd mix, enjoys the one-on-one grooming. It allows him to get back to his couch as soon as possible.

When we started our raw pet food store nearly 2 years ago, we wanted to add a grooming salon that catered to caring pet owners. Our goal was to create the perfect environment where pet owners felt comfortable leaving their pets. We thought about every detail from the layout of the room to the way services were offered.

Having worked at a large corporate grooming salon, I did not like the facility or the way it was run. I will say that the facility was well maintained and the employees, along with management, took the safety of each pet very seriously.

We refer to this type of grooming facility as a factory because multiple dogs arrive for the same groomer at one time. One dog is bathed, semi-dried, and left in the cage while another dog starts the same process. Once all of the dogs are bathed, the groomer then goes back to the first dog and starts the haircut. The facility has walls of cages with barking dogs and loud dryers. It is far from a low stress environment and it is not a facility I would choose for my pets.

Many pet owners have had negative experiences when it comes to pet care (grooming, veterinary care, boarding, etc). We strive to provide a safe and positive grooming experience for both the owner and the pet.

The Service

Coco after her groom. She loves all of the attention and never wants to leave.

Our groomer will greet you and your pet and discuss service options. Grooming is an unregulated industry in Canada, meaning that anyone can pick up some scissors and call themselves groomers. It is important that you ask about your groomer’s credentials and experience. Our groomer has over 10 years of experience grooming both dogs and cats. She was professionally trained and has worked in 4 different salons prior to joining Domestic Carnivore.

All grooms include a bath with shampoo and conditioner. If you or your pet has sensitivities, please inform the groomer so a fragrance-free shampoo can be used. Every pet is washed by hand with clean, warm water. We do not use a re-circulating bathing system as we feel they are ineffective. Think of a touch less car wash vs. a hand car wash. These systems also have to be well cleaned, as they are a breeding ground for bacteria.

After the bath, each pet is thoroughly dried, brushed, and given a haircut (if requested). Once they are looking their best, their ears are cleaned and toenails are trimmed. We call you when your pet is almost done so you can arrive to greet your dog after their appointment.

Domestic Carnivore is pleased to provide one-on-one grooming services for every pet. We have chosen to offer this service so that your dog receives the attention they deserve. If you have a pet that is stressed with the grooming experience, they will not be faced with a bunch of anxious, barking dogs. The one-on-one service also allows the groomer to focus on your pet and pay attention to the details of the groom. To reduce the stress of grooming, your pet will be groomed straight through so they can return home as soon as their spa session is complete.

Crash stopped by for his first nail trim. It’s always best to start grooming your puppy at a young age so they are comfortable with the process.

Our services are customized to suit your needs. We offer full grooming (complete haircut) for all size dogs (as long as they fit in the tub) or you can visit us for a bath and tidy (light trimming), bath and brush (no trimming), nail trim, face trim, etc.

Has your dog had a negative grooming experience? Domestic Carnivore specializes in nervous and shy dogs. Our groomer has a gentle touch that allows your dog to have a positive grooming experience. We have a few dogs that need a friend to comfort them during their groom. We are always willing to help out in order to make the experience as positive as possible. If something cannot be done safely, we will not put the pet through unnecessary stress. Your pet’s comfort and safety always comes first.

The Facility

Domestic Carnivore’s grooming room may look simple, but we put a lot of thought into the design. Our large, elevated windows allow you to see dogs being groomed, but they also provide some privacy for the dog. Some dogs are not comfortable being watched while others get too excited when they see people.

Abigail enjoying a customized groom. She didn’t want to stand up so we allowed her to lie down and she had a positive grooming experience

A well cared for facility should be clean. Hair should be swept between grooms and there should not be any urine or feces on the floor or in crates. If a facility has a chemical smell, ask the groomer what products are creating that odour. Flea sprays are toxic and should not be sprayed with animals in the room.
Grooming salons should maintain a comfortable temperature for your pet. The bathing and drying process adds a lot of heat and humidity to the room, which can cause sensitive pets to overheat. Domestic Carnivore’s salon features independent climate control to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of your pets.
Loud music causes unnecessary stress for most pets and should not be part of the grooming experience. We have created a sound deadened room and our groomer typically listens to talk radio at a low volume.
Believe it or not, some groomers will re-use towels on multiple dogs. This means they could potentially transfer harmful bacteria and parasites from one dog to another. At Domestic Carnivore, your pet will be gently dried with a fresh, clean towel.
Professional grooming tools and equipment make grooming safe for your pet. Tools should be cleaned between pets and professionally maintained on a regular basis. Equipment should also be clean and in working order. We take pride in our grooming service and we believe this is reflected in our facility.

The Business

A registered grooming business should have a plan in case of emergency and they should also carry liability insurance. Accidents can happen during grooming and the groomer should be prepared to properly care for your pet. Ask your groomer about their emergency plan.

Maya visited for a bath and brush to maintain her beautiful coat

It is not just one thing that sets Domestic Carnivore grooming apart from other salons. It is all of the little things that add up to create a great grooming experience for your pet.